Sunday, January 24, 2010

Eau Chew...Chimney Soup

The only place to have authentic Chimney Soup, Eau Chew!

So when my in-laws invited us for a treat to Eau Chew, we jumped at the idea and reached there before them. They were accompanied by some family friends. So when they arrived they seemed to know the people sitting at the table next to us and as luck would have it, that table was nearly done with their dinner and had more than half a bottle of Whiskey (HAIG) which they promptly offered to us. So the drinking began while we ordered our dinner, Chimney Soup to start with, and cracked jokes.

A little later the gentleman who had given us the bottle popped over for a peg, and Mahesh uncle snapped back at him, saying that if he took a peg, what would we have, as there were so many of us. It was quite hilarious, that look on his face, considering the fact that he had given us the bottle. It truly was a Kodak moment. Of course he got a peg and we continued with our evening with just enough booze between us.

The chimney soup went down in a jiffy followed by some noodles, fried rice, Schezwan Fish and Ginger Chicken.

It was truly a fun evening.