Friday, January 29, 2010

Stuffed on Starters makes me doodle away

Barbeque Nation
BIPL Building Omega
Bengal Intelligent Park, Block EP & GP,
Sector V, Bidhan Nagar,
Kolkata - 700091
Tel: +91-33-6060000

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kudos to BB's on Price, Presentation and Taste

BB's Restaurant
DN-62, Millennium City,
Sector V, Salt Lake,
Kolkata - 700091
Tel: +91 (33) 50061999

Chilli Chicken ( Dry ) - Rs.145.00
Farafelle Napoliatine - Rs.195.00
Chicken Sicilian - Rs.215.00
Pina Colada - Rs.345.00 ( Rs.115.00 x 3 )

Total - Rs.900.00
Vat 12.50% - Rs.69.39
Vat 20.00% - Rs.69.00
Gross Total - Rs.1038.39
Net to pay ( rounded off ) - Rs.1038.00

Kulfi at Salt Lake Mela

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cycling on Republic Day

[Cycling_26Jan2010_Divya.JPG] Picture removed on request.

Have been Asked to remove the other pic by the boss. How sad!

Monday, January 25, 2010

An evening of music at Tollygunge Club

Bonjour India
Festival Of France

Titi Robin - Guitar, Ud, Buzuq
Ze Luis Nascimento - Percussions
Francis Varis - Accordion
Maria Robin - Vocal and Dance

The Tollygunge Club, Main Lawn

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Eau Chew...Chimney Soup

The only place to have authentic Chimney Soup, Eau Chew!

So when my in-laws invited us for a treat to Eau Chew, we jumped at the idea and reached there before them. They were accompanied by some family friends. So when they arrived they seemed to know the people sitting at the table next to us and as luck would have it, that table was nearly done with their dinner and had more than half a bottle of Whiskey (HAIG) which they promptly offered to us. So the drinking began while we ordered our dinner, Chimney Soup to start with, and cracked jokes.

A little later the gentleman who had given us the bottle popped over for a peg, and Mahesh uncle snapped back at him, saying that if he took a peg, what would we have, as there were so many of us. It was quite hilarious, that look on his face, considering the fact that he had given us the bottle. It truly was a Kodak moment. Of course he got a peg and we continued with our evening with just enough booze between us.

The chimney soup went down in a jiffy followed by some noodles, fried rice, Schezwan Fish and Ginger Chicken.

It was truly a fun evening.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dinner at a New Place

After a lot of deliberation, we decided to head to Chrome Hotel which had caught our eye a couple of months ago and we had been meaning to check it out. When we arrived at Chrome, we entered the lobby which was colourful and ultra modern but had a cold industrial feel to it which was couple by the fact that it was desolate. This kind of reminded me of an eerie scene from one of those psychological thrillers when the killer was going to pop out from behind one of those pillars.

Anyway we did finally see someone in the lobby and were told to head up to the first floor where the restaurant was located. We alighted from the lift and looked down at the bistro below, it looked pretty cool, but up here it was like were headed further into that scary movie. It was darker and there was absolutely no one in sight. So fortunately for us, the menu car was just outside the lift and as my wife browsed through it, I looked down the corridor where the restaurant door was beyond which I saw a silhouette of a waiter inside. But as luck would have it, the menu only had Indian food and my wife didn’t want any. So we took a u-turn, got in the lift and went straight out to our car and left.

Once we were out, we were glad that we had left that scene of what could really have been a perfect setting for a scary movie.

So our next destination was “The Bridge” at The Park. We had seen it a couple of times and it was the new coffee shop that had replaced one of favourite places, The Atrium. It looked pretty cool, especially with the wooden deck outside next to the water fall. So that is exactly where we decided to sit, braving the winter cold. Ambiance is everything and what better ambiance would one need; a cold winter night, a deck all to our selves, and the gushing sound of water with a faint hint of some old classic pop music.

The menu did surprise us a bit with the prices, but what the heck, it was our 2nd anniversary and we were allowed to indulge ourselves. Some Vodka, Some rum and a Mixed Grill Platter accompanied us through our chatter of how the last two years had been.

If you’re looking for a pleasant place to celebrate or just enjoy a romantic dinner and price is not a constraint, head to The Bridge at The Park. You’ll love it. We did!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tollygunge Club treats us to a Rare glimpse of some Road Beauties

The Tollygunge Club put together a Vintage Car Show along with a Pet Show. This coming close on the heels of the Statesman Vintage & Classic Car Rally.

On a Cold Winter morning braving the sudden drop in temperature in Kolkata this year with chilly winds blowing to make matters worse, it was a warm sight to see these rare beauties displayed in pristine condition.

The vintage cars apart, the show-stealers were the 3 sports cars owned by the eclectic car freak Mr. Ranajit Nobis which took centre-stage at this show.

Standard Coventry 1912
Alvis 1934
Jaguar 1936
Daimler 1936

Bentley 1935
Rolls Royce 1937
Mercedes-Benz SL500 2003
Auburn 1926
Rolls Royce 1930
Buick Straight 8 1931
Jaguar SS 1.5 1938
MG TC Midget 1946
Ford V8 1932
Chevrolet Fleetmaster 1947
Buick Super 8 1947
Buick Super 8 1948
Buick Super 8 1949
Cadillac V8 1950
Fiat Tipu 1933
Riley Lynx 1938
Rolls Royce 1925-26
Studebaker 1928
Packard 1926
Stoewer 1913
Chevrolet Bel Air 1957
MG TC 1948
Citroen 1952
Fiat 124 Sports 1968
Adler 1938
Austin 125A 1940
Mercedes-Benz 1971
Chevrolet Styline 1949
Morris Minor 1000 1967
Morris 8 1939
Morris 8
Fiat 1100 Delux 1962
Ford Jeep 1942
Rover 60 1949
Austin Super Sports 1961
Rytecraft 1935
Volkswagen Beetle 1973
Dodge Kingsway 1956
Lancia Di Lambda 1928
Mercedes-Benz 1934
Bentley Mark VI 1952
Rolls Royce 1937-38
Triumph 1921
DKW 1947
Royal Enfield 1929
Ferraari 360 Spider
Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG
Ferrari F430