Wednesday, October 31, 2007


What can I say? Really, what can I say? Thank god its not like other Hindi movies and finishes in 2 hours. Thank God for that part. Another hour of this movie and I'd become a chain smoker. I was shocked to see that we had a packed hall before the movie started, but by the interval time the two Aunties sitting beside us left. And at the the end of the movie people jumped off their seats and dashed out of the hall. Quite a few even lit up straight out of the Mall. Now if you still want to go watched it because you just love John especially when he's baring his bare body quite a bit or then you have a thing for Ayesha Takia, be my guest. Oh! All The Best.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday Movies

Ok I did watch some weird movies over the weekend and in addition to that caught up on some TV too. Watched CSI: Miami and CSI:NY. The three movies, Sniper 3 on TV and the other two, Hot Fuzz & Ghost Rider on my Home Theatre.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Mumbai Salsa

Well all I can say is that if you have a lot of time and some money to spend and nothing better to do to while away your time, go watch this Film. Its not entertaining, if that's what you're looking for. A real life insight into modern yuppy transforming urban India. You'll kind of relate to it, but then sometimes a reflection on what you see in life is not what you'd like to watch in the movies. I love the fantasies and isn't that what most of us go to watch movies for. So once again, if you've really got nothing to do and don't have a mirror at home go watch Mumbai Salsa.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Oh Kolkata!

I decided to make good use of the holiday I got for Lakshmi Puja and drove around town clicking pictures of Kolkata. I started by heading out to New Town, Rajarhat and as you can see; it is a reflection of what modern Kolkata is going to be. I had to drive on the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass to get there. The bypass was initially made as a less congested way to get to Dum Dum Airport skirting the eastern fringes of the city through the wetlands. A lot of the wetlands have now been reclaimed due to Dumping of Garbage and today this area is the centre of Real Estate Development. Real Estate giants like DLF, MGF Emaar and Unitech are making a beeline for the cities burgeoning real estate super growth. In the pictures you’ll see both sides of the bypass have water bodies which are now protected by a court order.

After New Town, I headed to one of my favourite places, The Strand Road along the Banks of the River Hooghly that runs between Vidyasagar Setu (New Hooghly Bridge) and Rabindra Setu (the Original Howrah Bridge). The Princep Ghat with the Vidyasagar Setu towering over it in the background is always a picturesque sight. And the Howrah Bridge in the distance is an awesome piece of engineering.

The Lung of Kolkata, The Maidan is a paradise for young boys as a cricket ground, families come there for their weekly outings giving kids the opportunity for some horse riding and fresh air, not to mention the vast assortment of pav bhaji, puchka, bhel puri, papri chat, masala cola, etc.

The Kolkata skyline is impressive and so is the Victoria Memorial peeping out from over the line of trees.

Finally not to forget that my red Swift that gets me around to all these wonderful sights. The car has been doing me good service with a mileage of over 10 kmpl ever since I got it. Ofcourse the sad part is the innumerable scratches and nicks it has accumulated on the streets of Kolkata.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Greetings from the Cat

Every night when I get home, I'm greeted by this feline creature with a strange disposition. He always has his tongue sticking out and follows me up to the second floor door and squats there outside his place of residence. Oh and name is "COW". He's my cousin's cat and I haven't a clue why he's called what he's called.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Finally got to watch Happy Feet

Finally got to watch Happy feet and just the way I wanted to watch it. At Home. The Heartbreak Kid was also funny as hell and a must watch for all those who plan to marry.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Durga Puja Day 4

The last day of the Pujas culminates with Bishwarjan (immersion of Goddess in the River Hooghly). Sindur Khela at the Pandal before the Goddess leaves and Dancing to the beats of the Dhols is customary and noisy as ever. But all said its a must do if you have to complete the life cycle of the Pujas. Visiting Babu Ghat on the banks of the Hooghly to watch the immersion is an experience in-itself.