Monday, July 13, 2015

Being A Bollywood Queen, Is It A Superficial Reality?

I was listening to the radio in the car the other day and I happened to be listening to an interview of a Bollywood Heroine on air. As the RJ meandered through a bevy of questions about her life and movies and eating habits, the final question was if she had any advice on fashion for the listeners!

Well let me go back a bit to the part about her eating habits, before I get to Fashion! The RJ pointed out that our Bolly belle was so slim and wanted to know what exactly she did to maintain such a petite frame. Well, the actress claimed that she was a complete foodie and ate everything from burgers to ice-cream and chocolates and all things sinful, but she was blessed with great ‘metabolism’ and genes.

No mention of any kind of exercise whatsoever. Hmmm! (Bipasha Basu, you’re my favourite exception to this, and it shows. Those hours you've put in at the gym just “Rock your Body”)

Anyway I’ll now fast forward to the answer to the question of Fashion and our Bolly belle gave the classic, “just wear whatever you are comfortable in. I am not into brands and just wear whatever I feel looks good. So my advice to the listeners is wear whatever makes you comfortable”

That brings me to the IIFA Awards which was on the tele just a few nights ago. I couldn't help laughing my guts out, recalling the interview I had just heard on the radio, when the cursory Green Carpet (desi version of Hollywood Red Carpet) event was being telecast. Our host, a young toy boy newbie was talking to these gorgeous Bollywood Queens who were strutting the most stunning Ensembles down the Green Carpet.

The poor chap had to ask the customary question at the end of each interview “And what are you wearing tonight?” Ofcourse let’s not forget, that he always prefixed it with “you’re looking amazing” or “stunning” or “beautiful” before asking that all important question.

So each time he got a reply in less than a blink of an eye “Gauri and Nainika” or “Shantanu & Nikhil” or “Geoges Chakra” etc etc etc. Our poor host, just fresh into Bollywood had a tough time even pronouncing some of the name, admitting so himself (He’s actually lucky that way, as home grown designers have become a rage now. Back in the day it was mostly the likes of Chanel, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton and some even tougher name that would twist your tongue and your mind).

So let’s analyze this; no one said I'm wearing an evening gown or a dress, but went boom into just saying the name of a brand. Saying a name straight away makes it all the more spectacular I guess, especially even more if you've never heard of these designers. Makes it way beyond your league, fashion sense and means I guess. So the common viewer just gets floored.

Anyway if any of you think that looking like that on any carpet for a Bollywood femme fatale is easy work, think again. It’s a constant effort to stay slim, have beautiful skin and just be fashionably fashionable, else the Rag Mags/Page 3 are going to tear you apart. I'm sure they’d all love to just drag themselves out of bed, throw on some comfortable loose clothes and take a stroll down to the ice-cream cart around the corner and indulge themselves, but alas, being a Bollywood Queen comes at a huge price and I'm sure they’ll all agree.

So the next time you hear an interview and such frivolous statements, be warned, they’re just superficial, being a “Star” is hard work.

Please note, that what I've written is just an observation, not an accusation. Such behaviour comes with the territory I guess.

Who’s to blame?

Society, in all probability; We expect no less from them, and they know we expect no less from them! 

Pics courtesy: IIFA Website