Sunday, May 29, 2016

A Drive To Taki

If any of you are wondering where this place called "Taki" is and why we chose to Drive there, well read on.
A quick stop on the Malancha Bridge to click the view from up there.

Taki is located around 60kms (71.2kms from our house) from Kolkata due east and is situated on the banks of the Ichamati River in the 24-Parganas North District. The River is the International Border between India & Bangladesh.
The main Riverside Tourist Spot at the Promenade.

The reason it has shot to fame is the Durga Puja Bijaya Dashami, when the borders are opened for one day and people from both countries cross over at this point to celebrate the festivities. It is also famous for it's Kali Puja and has one of the oldest Kali Temples.
One of the main reasons for heading to Taki, the promise of an assortment of Fresh Fish.

A boat carrying supplies down the river on the Indian Side. This is the narrowest Point in the river which acts as the International Border between India and Bangladesh.
The best way to get around the Village is to hire a "Bhan" (motorised tricycle with cart).
A dilapidated Water Tank Tower from the "Days of the Raj".
Shiv Mandir.
The original Kali Mandir (apparently several hundred years old)
The new Kali Mandir (built a few months ago)
The Ramkrishna Mission has a huge campus in Taki.
Remains of a time gone by. There are several Old Buildings in Taki, some still standing like this one and others in utter ruin.
On the sight seeing itinerary is the home of General Shankar Roychoudhury. If you're wondering who he is, well do what I did, look him up on Wikipedia.
There are lots of Fisheries like this one all around Taki. Shrimp farming seems to be one of the main activities.
Brick Kilns is the other big industry in Taki. You start seeing these Chimneys way before you enter the town.
A Boat ride is something you can do. here we actually saw a Bengali Film Shooting occurring on this boat.
Another Tourist attraction is a small Eco Park where they have birds, flowers and these Geese that we tried to get up close to.
As we headed back after our day long adventure in Taki, we stopped on the Malancha Bridge once again to watch the Sunset.

Well after spending a day in Rural Bengal, it is evident why the TMC and Mamata Banerjee are back in power. The road to Taki is superb (barring a couple of places where it's still under construction, but that itself is a great sign).

Taki has electricity, water and most of all cleanliness. It's quite unbelievable how this little Town has taken such strides in maintaining cleanliness.

A Public Library, Government School & College, a Football Stadium... all stand testament to the fact that Education and initiative goes a long way.

And better still, the few people we did interact with in Taki were very hospitable.

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