Monday, March 26, 2007

Around Town

I finally got to get on my Karizma after what seemed like an eternity and took it for a spin around town on a bright and sunny Sunday. It was late morning and after filling in some petrol I went down Park Street to New Market. While going over the Park Street flyover I couldn’t help stopping to capture the beautiful view of the Vidyasagar Setu. The shot of the Floodlights towering over the Eden gardens had nothing to do with me reminiscing about our Cricket team’s dismal performance and early exit from the world cup. It just seemed like something one needed to capture from here. Apart from that the road ahead was inviting and just before I was ready to head out, I took the final shot of the Victoria Memorial and the steeple of St. Paul’s Cathedral rising over the tree line of the Maidan.

The rest of the ride took me to New Alipore, Hastings, Racecourse and the final speed run over the 2.5 km AJC Bose Road Flyover. Back at park Circus, it was time for my bike to go in for it’s scheduled service. I dropped it off and hope I get it back today.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Gurgaon Growing Laterally & Vertically. Infact Literally.

My bro took the cake as far as boasting about Delhi & Gurgaon roads and how it just took 15 minutes to cover the 25 km drive to the Airport, that we ended up leaving Gurgaon at 2:15 pm to catch my 3:10 pm flight. Yes I did make it to the airport in about 20 minutes, but not without having my heart in my mouth about getting offloaded. I was the last guy to make it to the check-in counter and just about made it on board my Indigo flight back to Kolkata.

Turquoise Chillin on Day 2

Hey here's Evelyn getting Kapil to dance. The second night was an all nighter ending up at Wimpy's at the New Delhi Station and then back to Gurgaon.

High Speed Construction

The pace of construction and developemnt in Delhi and Gurgaon is mind boggling. 8-10 Lane expressways, metro construction, flyovers and high rises just mushrooming at lightening speed.

Delhi Roads...Automotive Bliss

Now For Some Real Turquoise Chillin

The Other Turquoise Chillers. Sheldon (a.k.a. Kazi 1), Praveen (a.k.a. Bumpy) and DJ Bipin (a.k.a. Bappi Da)

Friends Everywhere

This is really weird. I went to Delhi this weekend and while I was in Nehru Place on some work, I came across this shop. Well they were into DTP stuff and their name just rang a bell. Bondhu Tomar Jonyo in Delhi too. This Friends thing is mighty popular, isn't it?

Kolkata is finally on the Global Map

Yes my friend. We finally get the big M on Park Street. They should have done this, years ago. The day McDonalds opened shop here, there was a serpentine line of people outside the eatery waiting to sink their teeth into one of those burgers.

Wonder kids

I was at Some Place Else as usual on a Wednesday night and after the regular band had finished playing, a new outfit came on stage and introduced themselves. 18-20 years at most all of them. They all had the demeanour of a young rock band waiting in the wings to hit their first big gig. Lanky, with oversize T's and jeans which still have me boggled as to their ability to stay there just below their waists. Yes sir, the cigarettes we out in full strength dangling from the corners of their lips.

And then they hit it. Man there was some positive energy around the way these guys performed. I forget their name, but they ought to make it soon enough if they churn out power chords the way they were that night. Now I do remember their name. They're called The Supersonics.

The Supersonics
Ananda Sen - Guitar, Vocals, Songwriter
Rohan Ganguli - Guitar
Nitin Mani - Bass
Avinash Chordia - Drums

Which one is it?

In the picture our technical guy Subhajit in the CTI room. I can imagine how tough this job must get at times. A time like this is what I'm talking about. Imagine going through all those cables trying to figure out which one is carrying all that music going on air. This is kind of like one of those movies, where the good guy is in the final seconds of the countdown of the bomb that will destroy the entire planet. Should I cut the Red one or Green one? It’s always the red one. I've watched enough of those flicks to tell you with conviction it’s the red one. Our man here really has a tough one to crack - they're all grey.

Bengali Wedding

It was my good fortune to be invited to two weddings in one night. This is the first. The second one...well I had so much to eat at the first, that I didn't even have the energy to click pictures at it. Not to mention that the weddings were in two opposite sides of town. Oh and yes all this in my Tee and jeans with my backpack. Yeah! I rushed in and out of office to attend them. I guess this is what happens when you have to attend weddings in the middle of a FM Radio Station launch.

In the Pictures my colleague Nilanjana weds Arindam. The one that I couldn’t take pictures at was at my colleague Seema weds Vikram.

Holi Hai

I decided not to write anything, except the fact that those of us who came to office that day had a colourful time on the staircase behind the office.

In the pictures, getting all colourful are Pooshan, Nilanjana, Radhica, Subhajit, Purbasha, Jaideep, Sutirtha, Mainak, Shekhar and myself.