Monday, April 30, 2007

It finally did come down

After building up and teasing Kolkata for several days, the rain did beat down on the streets marginally on Thursday, which was the trailer for the real downpour which happened on Saturday afternoon.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Instant Relief

Aah the look of this overcast sky is such a relief after the mercury hit 38.4 yesterday and today was no better in terms of being a scorcher.

My Happy Birthday

If there was a brithday clebrated with excessive food and alchohol, this one ranks among the top three in my life so far. Enjoyin with Family at home.

The Office Party.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Shubho Nabo Borsho

On the 14th April, by some twist of fate, I happened to get transported to a place; I otherwise wouldn't be caught dead in. OK, yes I am musically inclined and love all kinds of music, but when you're in the midst of an audience, except that one kid who was coerced into coming with his parents, that is many generations past your parents too, you're in the wrong place. I believe music has got to do a lot with ambiance and audience. And if a musical evening is only attended by grey haired listeners, people like us, who do appreciate music, are going to be put off.

Anyway the high point of the evening was the lift ride down. Lift Operator actually used a lever to run the lift. The Palladian Lounge at the Bengal Chamber Of Commerce and Industry was the setting. Bang in the middle of Dalhousie, it still bears significant traits left over from Bengal's days of glory.

Friday, April 13, 2007

I'm Impressed with the Administration

I have to say I am impressed with the Administration, or at least with one wing of it, at least. Kolkata Police might not be armed to the hilt with 6+ footers, save an impressive force of Bike Sergeants in their leather boots, white uniforms, sunglasses and their Red Bullet 350s and some of them still have the Rajdoot Yamaha RD 350s, like their counterparts up north, but they are an efficient lot.

I was impressed when I sought an appointment with a very senior ranking officer in Police Headquarters (Lal Bazar) and was given one today at 11.30 am. I entered the Police Headquarters gates and was immediately assisted by an officer whom I told that I had an appointment further up the ranks. Immediately he called up and confirmed the same and sent an escort with me to the first floor when. I was made to wait a few minutes in the waiting lounge, not five star, but definitely not like the government offices I’ve visited. Shortly I was seated across a table that I could’ve actually played Table Tennis on. A 15 minute discussion with the Officer and I was shown a different side of law enforcement. It’s easy to sit back and say that things aren’t changing or things are bad and things should happen in a certain way, but getting on the other side of the table can make you think. And that’s what I did all the way out of Police HQ.

Now more so I have the urge to make things change. The administration is all set to make that change, but I feel people need to help them achieve their goals. All I can say is that my visit to Kolkata Police HQ has set off a chain reaction and impetus to my will to see Kolkata catapult itself into the status of its past glory.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

All Hell "Bakes Loose"

When I reached home last evening, my kid cousin brother wanted to go out for a drive and so we did. Old faithful recently restored and painted red Maruti 800 was our ride for the evening. Yeah as though I have an Aston parked in the garage too. Yeah but a Maruti 800 is the best car for Kolkata. Whatever!!!

So we head out and take the road around the house, drive till the Park Circus round about and hit Theatre Road. Half way down Theatre Road and approaching on of the many intersections, I hit the brakes. Half an inch down, there was a small jerk, a snapping noise and the brake pedal plunged right down to the floor. I calmly turned left to Rahul, he already had it figured out, but as though to confirm his fear of the worst, I informed him that the brakes had failed.

It’s as though time stood still for three seconds, while I noticed Rahul pull back deeper into his seat and his hands clutched the seat, till I involuntarily snapped back into fast-forward mode, my left hand shifting into 2nd gear and pulling the hand brake all in the blink of an eye.

The car pulled over to the left of the road, engine still running, I switched on the blinking hazard lights and weighed the situation. Rahul was a bit out of words, but that’s OK for a kid his age with his first experience of being in a car with the brakes failing. OK, mine too, but I was driving and knew things could’ve ended up much worse. I decided to drive back home at 10 kmph and with the hand brake lever in my left hand all the time. We reached back home without much incident, I have got to admit.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Long Drive Jayengey, Rukh Kay Khayengey

Bally Bridge, the New Bridge being constructed is in the background.
Saturday Night, after a weeklong partying spree, required for me to give my system some kind of respite. So A friend friend and myself decided on doing it differently. It's called Car-O-Bar. A long drive to Sher-E-Punjab which is about 75 kms outside Kolkata on the Mumbai Highway for dinner was the plan. On the way back we decided to enter Kolkata from the Bally Bridge side. The route taking us several kilometers down the Delhi highway.
Me at Sher-E-Punjab, Kolaghat.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Keep Kolkata Clean

Yes my friends the Kolkata Municipal Corporation in its year end consume your budget drive, has given the city thousands, maybe lakhs of these waste disposal bins. For a change they have even placed them conveniently and spaced them out evenly. More like every 10 yards there's a waste bin. Now Kolkatan's its truly up to you to keep your city clean.

Monday, April 02, 2007

The Strand, My Bike & The Departed

Last Evening, driving to Salt Lake City Centre and driving right out due to my inability to get a parking space, I decided to come home and pick my bike up and do something I hadn't in a long, long time. I went to The Strand and decided to have some "Puchkas". While there, I was reminiscing about the times I used to come here as a child and how people now went to malls for time pass, while we had a beautiful waterfront and so much to do at The Strand, even today.

Anyway all that suddenly went down the drain when I came back to my bike. Yes the Kazi had been vandalized yet again. Someone had dropped it on it's side and it'll have to go back to the workshop for a change of handle and brake pedal.

To cheer me up, I decided to watch The Departed and believe you me, it did nothing much to forget the state of my bike. Well it just seemed like between every person getting shot to death, there was some sort of story. All I can say is that it had a great star cast and excellent acting, beside that, the plot just seemed to gory. I guess a good movie if I'd been in a different mood.