Saturday, May 26, 2007

Kazi meets with its first inflight infliction

Yes finally, this morning, I met with my first bike accident in Kolkata. And accidents are your own fault. Riding I believe is something that requires one's utmost concentration. This morning I left home on my bike with too many things on my mind. Matter's of consequence, but then matter's that had nothing to do with my Kazi. And for once I wasn't true to my her. The rider and bike ought to become one when one is astride his machine.

Anyway I rode out from home, took the left and just outside Don Bosco School, a silver Santro came sppeding towards me on the wrong side of the road. I reacted, but not to the environment around me, only to the car hurtling towards me. I faled to realise the other people occupying the road. So while I veered left and saved myself from the oncoming Santro, on my Extreme left were two cyclist following a hand pulled rickshaw. I should've realised that the first cyclist was going into an overtaking maneuver with the richshaw. So while he steeered right to overtake the rick, he was directly infront of me, I stepped on the brakes, the bike held for a bit, then went into a skid, I handled her back to balance, but too late.


When I sttod back up a bit disoriented, I noticed that there was a woman near the pavement, a boy picking up his bycycle and a fairly decent gathering around us. And all this in a matter of seconds. I instantly enquired and went forward to help the woman, and while the mob was turning hostile, the gesture instantly disarmed them. I offered to assist all who were hurt, if at all badly with medical attention at a nearby hospital. It was only then that some people actually enquired if I had been hurt too. Sure enough, my pant was ripped near the left knee and when I lifted my trouser I had a gash on my left knew which was considerably swolen.

It wasn't long before all setllements had been made, with the bicycle boy, the lady and the rickshaw puller and I proceeded to the workshop with my bike. I quite popular there, and the moment I came in they were not surprised that the bike had been damaged yet again. Anyway all the formalities done, a change of handle and other sundry repairs that would be required, I left the bike and the place to head straight for FORUM Mall. I couldn't go home, especially after the lecture I had got at the dining table from my aunt for coming home at 5 AM for the 3rd time this week.

10.30 AM, Shoppers Stop was still closed, and I headed straight for the Adidas store there. Am a popular visitor there too and got excellent service and walked out in a new pair of Cargos and a checked shirt. From there to office.

I'm just wondering if it I had managed to capture pics of all these events transpiring this morning, it would have made for a funny story.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Puchkas, Papri Chat, Icecream & Beer

Yeah I know you're thinking how Puchkas and Beer share right of place in the headline. Well when one thing leads to another, that's what happens. Khichdi!! Of course if I start including all of the ingredients of a great evening out, it involves more than all that. From a food point of view the evening started out at New Alipore and a discourse on the finer points of selecting good puchkas. Yeah there are three types I learnt - the Marwari ones, local Bengali ones and I kind of forget the third type. So after feasting on puchkas, we moved over to the papri chat and jhaal moori and believe it or not there are different kinds of moori too. Anyway chat and moori done it moved to Mama Mia's for gelatos. Seriously think they're overrated, but theek hai while your enjoying the company and in the flow of things anything goes.

From there the plan moved up on the scale and a decision was made to head to the one street in Kolkata. Park Street was destination numero uno. So Park Street was where we ended up. And Some Place Else is the numero uno place to be on Park Street. So, no points for guessing that we ended up knocking back beers to the sound of some decent music by Cassini's Division, the band that was belting out some of their original stuff. By 8.30 PM there were demands of food and while some hungry people couldn't relate to the food on the menu card, others a bit more prudent suggested Mcdees (MacDonald). So Mcdees it was and it just seems like there were quite a few prudent people in Some Place Else, because Mcdees was full of the SPE crowd. After a couple of burgers and fries and coke of course, we headed back for the second innings at SPE.

Orient Express had started playing and we came back and caught up with a couple of more friends. While the Latin beats kept us tapping our feet, we were provided with more than ample entertainment with the eager dancing performances of some of the happy people on the floor. I took a brief hiatus to drop a couple of younger people home (you know deadlines still exist). Once back we guys went up to The Atrium for some dinner finally.

All I can say about that is, as one of us aptly put it, "we know why the DJ plays here and doesn't have a gig at a night club". That said, I'm still reeling with a headache just thinking about that pounding music.

Finally we all got home and here I am at work just back from witnessing the "Mothership" descending on Kolkata. Pics below.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tantra, I'm never Goin there Again

Man it's been a while since I did justice to what I had set out to do on this blog. So here's an update from the city of joy. I've got to add its 6 pm and on a Saturday evening I haven't a clue what the F&%# am doing in office especially after getting home a bit past 6 am this morning.

Anyway yesterday after making a hasty exit from our MD's review presentation and I must add it was awesome, we went for the Kolkata Ad Club Awards night at Swabhumi. Apart from the fact that Arnabi the Radio Mirchi RJ who was compeering a completely chaotic awards ceremony and we reached halfway through the show, we made it in time to pick up the coveted Advertiser of the Year award among several others. Once done the floodgates of the Bar were opened and booze flowed and people drank and more booze flowed and more people started getting drunk and need I say more on a typical gathering of Admen spiked with Alcohol to set their creative spirits free and several of them intoxicated with the recognition represented in valuable metals.

Anyway several whiskies’s down, I head for Some Place Else where I met up with some friends and made several more and then we headed out to ROXY where after several beers the dance floor was more or less occupied by us. All that dancing led us to the famed Tantra.

OK believe me if you've heard stories about this place. They're all true and much more. I had heard that women are waiting to be picked up and so was a bit sceptical. But since we were quite a few of us, I took the safety in numbers bait and headed in. Believe it or not in 10 minutes, OK 20 at most, I got to the side of the dance floor with my back to the wall to light up a cigarette. The next thing I know there's a girls dancing in front of me practically giving me a lap dance (well if I was sitting). Imagine that. It doesn't end there, there seemed to be threw of these girls waiting in cue to try their luck.

Anyway shortly after that I was ready to leave and we left.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Terrace View

Our first trip to the terrace of the office and all I have to say. What a View!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Fire in Tangra

Well this got news coverage and the fact that we could see it all the way located 4 km or so away from the blaze, it must've been a huge fire. Hope everyone got out safe.