Friday, May 28, 2010

Operation Dinner Out

It had been too long and my wife and I realised were wondering whether we had become like old boring married couples or what. We hadn’t been out for a good meal to a good place for a long, long time. So we made a plan to hit a new place on Friday after work to kick off the weekend.

We had heard about several new places at Mani Sqaure Mall and had wanted to check them out and so that was the plan of action. So we got to Mani Sqaure at about 8pm and to our surprise the Mall did have a little footfall. I say a little in comparison to the days when they didn’t have any. We then did some lukkhagiri by popping into Westside and Starmark, following which we headed up to the food court.

As we got off the escalator on the level above the food court and were wondering which place to check out, on of the stewards from Mio Amoure was right there and convinced us that it was the place to dine that day. I’m not getting into how he clinched the deal, but we happily followed him in and were seated at one of the tables.

The interior d├ęcor is very plush and the two marble fountains are just a bit over the top but what the heck, a little opulence is justified, especially if it’s a speciality restaurant dishing out Mediterranean Delicacies.

Considering the mercury in Kolkata was soaring to new heights and the humidity making every one sluggish, in here the mercury was definitely plummeting, which prompted us to go for large Rum & Coke each. It had been a long time since I had had Rum & coke and I recollected drinking some on new years or Christmas Eve. Anyway you get the drift as to how cold it was in there.

We decided on the starters and main course almost immediately after taking our first sip. Though there was Italian too, but we went with the Moroccan food. Peta Bread, falafel and Hummus for starters. Another Lamb dish and a Chicken Dish for the main course and we were stuffed.

I’m not getting into the rest of the evening and the drinks that went down, but will say this, that the food presentation, helpings, price and the service was excellent.

If you’re looking for some decent Mediterranean food and at a decent price, this place is worth a try.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kites Will Make You Want To Fly

Off a building for sure. If a Cliff were available you'd jump off to make double sure. A film that's been hyped for so long was like an ordeal for eternity to sit through. If any of you are planning to go to a Multtiplex where the tickets have been priced at like 50% over the regular shows, then you'll ensure that the producers make their money in the first week itself because I'm sure they realise that this flick isn't going to make it into the second.

Hritik Roshan and Barbara Mori's controversial rumoured affair that's making the rounds of tabloids couldn't save this movie. Of course Barbara could have strutted around a little more in some bare essentials and maybe, just maybe you could have kept me from falling asleep during the movie.

Exotic Locations, sexy stars, unscrupulous villains and no plot makes for a drop dead flop.