Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Deluge in Kolkata

Its been raining for two days straight now in Kolkata. A lot of Kolkata is now looking like this. Like I heard on a Radio Station on my way home last evening, comparisons are being drawn with Venice! Yeah I'm thinking I'll get myself a Gondola or house boat too.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Progress on Metro at Salt Lake

My wife took pictures from here office terrace with her Nokia E63 and I used Panorama Composer to put this together. Towards the left is Kuranamoyee and right is Salt Lake City Center. As you can see the work is going on at lightening sped and on the left is a station being built. I'm guessing it's goign to be the Karunamoyee stop.

Raw & Real 'SHAITAN'

Anurag Kashyap serves up a hot dish in SHAITAN, Raw, reeking of the senselessness of young urban rich spoilt brats caught up in a world they think is what should be real, rather than enjoy the luxuries that their rich parents have provided them with.

Amy, Dash, KC, Zubin & Tanya get sucked into a world of murder, drugs, and the mean streets of Mumbai due to a their going over the top on one late night joyride where they run over two people on a scooter. The corruption in the Police force drives them further on their path of destruction only to be chased down by one suspended from duty honest hot headed Inspector Mathur.

Man this movie is truly meant for urban audiences and gives you an insight into what's happening at various ends of the spectrum of modern day Urban Indian Society.

I’d like to add that Nikhil Chinnappa’s performance was very good and took me by surprise. I’m looking forward to him taking on bigger roles in the movies.

We watched Shaitan at Big Cinemas RDB Boulevard, Sector V, Salt Lake, Kolkata.

Pizza Corner Finally in Kolkata!

Ok so they finally decided to set up shop in Kolkata, and we finally visited the eatery. A warm and hospitable welcome by the manager who showed us to a table was quite surprising; Infact he even introduced the person who would be serving us. Wow! Menu’s in hand, we started going through quite an exhaustive list of items and finally decided what we would go for. We ordered a couple of dinks to start with and so a Mojito for me and a Guava Juice for my wife arrived while we waited for the meal; A Salad, a Pasta, a very interesting dish called a Conizza and a regular Pizza. The meal came in exactly the order we had placed it in.

Well about the food; well it was ok, but the Conizza was awesome. We ended the meal with some Ice Cream from Cream & Fudge Factory. All in all the food is complete VFM (Value For Money) and there are is a huge selection of “Indianised” Pizzas and stuff.