Sunday, October 23, 2005

Travelling begins - NEEMRANA FORT

22nd October, 2005, Jaipur Highway: One lazy Saturday afternoon the Kazi Brothers thought of taking the new bikes out and opening up the throttle on a long stretch of road. Only the Jaipur Highway came to mind and by the time we made our various pit-stops, it was 4 pm.

Anyway, since our minds had been made up, we decided to ride out. Getting out of Gurgaon and past manesar was a bit of a pain. A bike like the Karizma doesn't like roads to be inhabited by people or too many vehicles. Manoeuvrable as it maybe, it likes straight open stretches to take flight.

So once we had crossed Manesar the ride was just majestic. We were clipping 120-125 kmph till we were just short of Neemrana Fort where we stopped for tea and snacks. After a 15 odd minute break we headed out again only to stop and appreciate the sun setting behind the hills. It's beautiful to be riding through the Aravalli Range.

Finally we turned right off the NH-8 and headed into the village and a short distance inwards we took another right and up a short steep winding road through an old village came upon the Majestic Gates of the Fort. Of course now this has been changed into luxury resort by the Sita Group.

After parking our bikes and checking out the view, we came to the entrance only to find out that the entry to the Fort closes at 6 pm. The picture was specifically taken to show my disappointment.

So what if the fort was closed, we loved our first ride on the Kazi's and headed back to Delhi. Of course that was the beginning of our plan for the next expedition.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Biker's Paradise - NOIDA EXPRESSWAY

11th October 2005: Early Morning somewhere on the NOIDA EXPRESSWAY:

A little after I got my new Hero Honda Karizma, it was time to meet the boys and girls out on the NOIDA Expressway. Nothing like an early morning exhilarating ride to an open stretch of tarmac and no human (or cattle for that matter) interference.

X-BHP Bikers who turned up had Hero Honda Karizmas, Bajaj Pulser 180, Kinetic Comet, Royal Enfield and the show-stopper was Sunny's Honda Blackbird 1100.

The Red Karizma is mine (Kazi 2) and the Black one is Sheldon's (Kazi 1).

There were two Comets too. nice machines, but kinda expensive at Rs. 1.75 lacs.