Friday, September 28, 2007

Bangalore 22nd-27th September

My trip to Bangalore was a pleasant break after a year in Kolkata and five days of bliss. All I have to say is that Bangalore has some decent Cosmopolitan eating joints. Yes it is a Beer Guzzlers paradise and Brigade Road is the watering hole. Infact I realised that M G Road and Brigade Road seem to be the last word in going out. The two roads are lines with shopping, eating and most of all coffee joints. Pecos I must admit had me stunned. the Beef Curry with Dosa washed down with Beer and Rock music was nice. Infact the thing that got me stunned, apart from beef curry with dosa, was the fact that in this day and age, the DJ was still playing music from Audio tapes!!!

A visit to Blossoms if you're looking for great buys in reading material is a must. You'll find old books there in such condition as you'll never find anywhere else. So if you plan to open a mini library on a shoestring budget, go to Blossoms.

Commercial street was also a destinations and Woody's had some great food.

Millers 46 lived up to its promise of having the best beef steaks and infinitea had me going dizzy seeing a entire menu of an assortment of Teas.

Ofcourse I'm going to say this, though its cleaner and stuff, Bangalore has narrower roads than good old Kolkata and the traffic a way to extreme for my liking. Auto guys just zig zag through traffic and bikers too. Add to that the influx of IT monies and a slew of auto makers making a beeline to empty young people's pockets with their new cars. Bangalore better get that "Namma Metro" up and running real quick, or else they're doomed in terms of traffic.

And lastly, I couldn't believe that an airport could be so close to the city. Infact its like plum in the middle of it. Houses adjoining the tarmac when we were taxiing. And the Terminal has got to be the tiniest I've disembarked at.

Ofcourse the weather is awesome, but I hear it used to be even better before the influx of the IT barons.

All in all, I wouldn't mind Bangalore as a place to live in, but Kolkata Rocks.

Oh lastly, beer guzzlers paradise, sure!!! but beware, you'll get thrown out of any establisment by 11.30 pm max. Last orders are at 10.30 pm. So much for night life in Bengaluru.

And for all of those who are wondering what right of place an ADIDAS signage has in this story. Well that was just to point out that all establishments need to write their names in Kannda. So if you're wondering how to write Adidas in Kannada, there it is.

The two pugs, Begum (the smaller one) and Badshah (big fella)were the cutest creatures and made the stay in Banagalore all the more enjoyable.