An Evening at Eco Tourism Park, Rajarhat, Kolkata

The Eco Tourism Park, Rajarhat, Kolkata opened in 2012 and my wife and I had plans to visit, but it kept getting put off for some reason or the other. Well we finally got around to visiting this Centrepiece of Rajarhat, New Town which is the future city of Kolkata. Those familiar with the suburbs of modern Indian cities like Delhi which has Gurgaon and Mumbai that has Navi Mumbai, will quite relate to Kolkata's expansion eastwards. A well planned city with high-rises and swanky office spaces et al.

Anyway as I mentioned, this 480 acre modern  urban park boasts of a 104 acre water body with an island in the middle which has cottages that one can book to stay in. Well these are yet to be inaugurated, but I'm sure will be booked the day they open. Meanwhile, lovely walking lanes and gardens with flowers encompass the vast expanse of this Park.

One can indulge in a host of activities on land an water. Cycles, boats, kayaks among other things are available for hire. There are fun water activities for children and families.

The evening has a special feature with the Musical Fountain shows at 5:45pm and every half hour thereafter.

All I can say is that, it's a lovely place to spend an evening or morning if you want to lap up clean air and nature in all its splendour, with a little help with some modern amenities.

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