If you're wondering about the Name, well it originates from a pub I used to frequent while I lived in New Delhi called "Turquoise Cottage". Since I'm a chilled out kind of person and that pub was my favourite haunt, I was aptly called "Turquoise Chiller" by a colleague who used to visit from Mumbai.

So when I moved to Kolkata and decided to start this blog, I aptly named it "Turquoise Chill"; a place where I'd share all that was happening in my life, be it my hobbies, travel, cuisine or just stuff that I found interesting enough to share with all of you.

I hope this blog makes for an interesting read. Sometimes you'll have to forgive me if it's only photographs.

My Name is Rohit Nyss and I'm the author of this Blog.
I am also the Curator of Collections at TinyTown Model Railways & Toys Museum and you can see some of the collections at www.TinyTown.in.