Friday, December 30, 2016

In Nature's Arms at Bawali Farmhouse

After our disappointing drive to Diamond Harbour a couple of days ago, we decided to find a nice destination to getaway for a couple of days.

Thanks to a Facebook post, I discovered a place called Bawali and after some research, we decided to head there. Though we had planned to go for a couple of days, we juts managed to get a booking for one night. But that didn't deter us from taking the break.

The drive to Bawali, save a few places of nice roads through countryside, was mostly through crowded village markets. But when we finally got to the Bawali Farmhouse, it was like the Garden of Eden. The walk from The Parking Lot next to the gate upto the main Hut was lined with a beautiful nursery, plants like I've never seen.

The first order of business after we checked in to our Cottage was an amazing breakfast in the common dining Hut. Luchi Torkari and Aloo Parantha along with Omelettes. A Cupppa Tea and Coffee and we were rejuvenated.

We were lucky to get the most secluded Cottage: NIBHRITIAs the name suggests, this cottage is located in the quietest corner of our farmhouse. With a cozy balcony overlooking the paddy fields and ponds, this is the best place to take your favourite book. For those, who want to shut down all the noise of civilization for a day, Nibhriti should be their choice. With a private sit-out area, a small corner garden and a balcony, this cottage is simple, elegant and very private.) source:

Bawali Rajbari

Bawali Rajbari

Bawali Rajbari

Bawali Rajbari

Common Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis) also known as the Eurasian Kingfisher and River Kingfisher

Green Bee-Eater (Merops orientalis)

Green Bee-Eater (Merops orientalis) eating a Bee.

Rufous Treepie (Dendrocitta vagabunda)

Bronze-winged Jacana (Metopidius indicus)

Asian Palm-Swift (Cypsiurus balasiensis).